Office and Industrial Leasing

AGM Commercial Real Estate Advisors offers a full line of office and industrial leasing brokerage services. We use our in-depth market knowledge to provide the best financial results for our clients.

These brokerage services include:

  • Tenant Leasing
  • Corporate Property Purchase
  • Property Leasing
  • Property Sales
  • Industrial Leasing

AGM Commercial Office and Industrial Leasing Brokers Investigate Every Viable Solution to Get the Best Result for Every Client.

Whether you are looking to lease or purchase office or warehouse space we ensure you will know about every possible building that could suit your needs. If you are a client with space to lease, our primary function will be to ensure that you have the opportunity to pursue every deal currently on the market. We work to understand your goals and investigate every viable option available to achieve them.

AGM Commercial Office and Industrial Leasing brokers utilize the latest technology along with our unparalleled market experience and knowledge.

In short, our people know the markets, know the players, know the tenants, and know how to make all aspects of a transaction come together for our clients. AGM Commercial’s brokers utilize the proven and effective processes impacting a transaction and incorporate them into solving our clients’ goals.