Understanding the retail real estate industry enables AGM Commercial Real Estate Advisors to create a budget-driven, image-conscious solution for your business.

AGM Commercial Real Estate Advisors can offer transaction management in a single-market, or at a regional or national level. We are sensitive to the competitive nature of the retail real estate industry and recognize that delays in decision-making can result in lost opportunities.

By understanding the needs and goals of our clients along with the market factors involved, AGM Commercial’s clients are consistently able to locate in wellpositioned facilities that allow their business to grow and prosper.

Location is the most influential factor in retailer performance. We engage in rigorous analysis of economic and market research tailored to each of client’s specialized needs. Our insight into the latest market trends and ability to anticipate key transaction variables can prove indispensable in offering a profitable outcome for your company’s retail real estate challenge.

Our proven process-driven approach using the latest in demographic and analytic technology is able to provide:

  • Site Identification
  • Demographic Research
  • Market Surveys
  • Expansion
  • Planning Strategic and Business Planning
  • Cannibalization Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Disposition Services
  • Land Brokerage
  • Consultation Services
  • Development Services